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About Us

MassPRC envisions a person-centered system of recovery oriented rehabilitation services, with a skilled and culturally competent workforce of psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners and peer specialists. This system includes adequate, flexible funding that supports self-directed services, treatment options and natural supports, and service effectiveness measured by real-person, real-life outcomes.

Advancement of a Recovery Based Practice:
People can recover from even the most serious and persistent mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, major depression or bi-polar disorder. Since the 1950s Psychiatric Rehabilitation has advanced efforts to use more effective and lower cost alternatives to long-term institutionalization. Psychiatric rehabilitation promotes a culture of recovery with every individual served. Psychiatric rehabilitation is a combination of services incorporating social, educational, occupational, behavioral and cognitive interventions aimed at long-term recovery and maximization of self-sufficiency. It is the principle behind numerous evidenced-based practices, such as assertive community treatment, clubhouse rehabilitation services, and supported employment services, as well as emerging practices, such as peer support programs. In the continuum of care, rehabilitation focuses on competency, recovery and advocacy, while other types of services may focus on symptom stabilization.